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Want to Increase Customer Engagement and Web Leads?

Video is hot, a professional video spokesperson with a clear message can give customers a whole new perspective on your business. Video makes it much easier to highlight your products and services, and engage your audience! 

Best of all, you can convert your video into targeted local Facebook ad. This gives you the opportunity to engage your customers and generate leads. Video messages are the best way to capture the attention of your audience 24 x 7 anytime of the day or night.

video spokespersonTop 3 reasons to use video for customer engagement. 

1. Video content is exploding! Having a video spokesperson is a huge opportunity to engage your customers and highlight your products and services. A video posted on the web gets up to 7 times more engagement according to a recent report by Small Business Trends. We can all use more of that!

2. The more engagement your website and social media channels get; the more opportunities you have to generate leads. We can all use more of that!

3. A video spokesperson is the main ingredient to help convert your website and social media visitors into clients. We can all use more of that!

What makes eWorkSuccess video services different?

We have vetted our female video spokesperson and she can deliver the exact message you want your visitors to hear. This is not some cartoon video, you get a real female spokesperson that knows how to deliver at an incredible price! 

One-time fee

Most customers love watching online videos. A video spokesperson can put your business in the spotlight and grab the attention of online visitors 365 days a year! There are no monthly costs and our prices are a low one-time fee. You get a professional female spokesperson, HD video and excellent audio all for one low price!

video spokespersonHow it works 

1. You provide us with some highlights and information about your business.

2. You send us a 50-100 word video script with your main business highlights. Or we can write your video script for a small additional fee.

3. We send you the HD video. We shoot the HD video with our professional female spokesperson model. She has hundreds of hours behind the camera and delivers every message in a believable tone. You will love it!

** This special offer includes adding a business logo and website link added to your video at no extra charge. FREE for a limited time! **

Need help writing a video script?

We can help you write an engaging video script that highlights the most important features of your product or service. The best videos are 50-60 seconds in length with the most important points delivered in a warm believable voice. The short video length enables our customers to post the same video on multiple social media channels for maximum engagement. There has never been a better time to engage your customers with a clear video message. Let us help you get started today! 

The high quality of our videos is matched by our top female talent model to ensure your satisfaction. Let our seasoned model be the online face of your business so you can engage customers and increase your bottom line!

Tip: Similar video spokesperson services cost up to $800! Now you can have a professional video posted directly on Facebook, Twitter and more starting at only $197!

It gets even better!

facebook engagement reports

Your video message can capture the attention of customers for years! Our basic service starts at only $197, now that’s some “bang for the buck” with our beautiful spokesperson model representing your company. You will love it!

What type of business is this for?

Any small or mid size service company that wants up to 7 times more customer engagement on Facebook, Twitter and more. Facebook and Twitter are now giving videos much more exposure on the web compared to photos. We were shocked after seeing our video test results. Video engagement is something every business should consider and the time is now.

With eWorkSuccess you can fuel your marketing and grow your business!

There are a variety of terms used to describe a website spokesperson. These include: online salesperson, web spokesmodel, video spokesperson, talking video, talking greeter, walk-on actor, virtual presenter, website greeter, virtual face on web and more. Whatever you call it, we offer the best value at incredible prices.

** This special offer includes adding a business logo and website link to your video at no extra charge! Take advantage of the savings for a limited time! **

Here’s what you get:

  • Professional female spokesperson (up to 60 seconds of video for multi-post).
  • Our female model can dress in a business or casual outfit.
  • HD video and excellent audio.
  • Post videos on your Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • One-time payment, no monthly costs.
  • Add your business logo and website link to the video FREE for a limited time.

We can write your video script and turn your video into a powerful Facebook ad!

Ready to get up to 7 times more customer engagement?

Get your professional spokesperson video today for $800 $197. You will love it!

Questions? We look forward to helping you today!

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