eWS Mini Ep. How To Celebrate Your Small Wins and Keep Your Momentum

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Welcome back to the eWorkSuccess show! We are changing it up this week. This is our first mini episode to help you get inspired, stay motivated and keep moving forward. Ready, set, let’s do this! 

Have you ever felt like you’ve spent weeks or months trying to achieve your goals but life seems to get in the way? I’m referring to the times when you feel like your just spinning your wheels. When we look around you see successful people doing great things, what makes them so different? On this episode I dive into How To Celebrate Your Small Wins And Keep Your Momentum!

In This Mini Episode
  • Chris shares his insight and why he celebrates small wins each week.

  • Learn how to keep your momentum by recognizing your small wins and feeding your brain.


The Harvard Business Review did a study on the power of celebrating your small wins. This is a very informative article and I recommend spending a few minutes reading it.

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