eWS 008 From Cancer to Successful Business – Loren Brill Shares Her Personal Journey

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Welcome to this weeks eWorkSuccess episode! I was honored to have Loren Brill from Sweet Loren’s join me on the show.

Loren was diagnosed with cancer the summer after graduating from college at the age of 22. She channeled her energy into learning more about healthy food and nutrition. One problem, she’s always had a sweet tooth and finding healthy dessert options was very difficult. She solved that problem by starting her own company right from her kitchen. Loren is the founder and CEO of Sweet Loren’s, an all natural award winning cookie dough that is super easy to bake and tastes great! Loren shares her personal journey and how she managed to become successful in the cookie biz. Don’t miss this episode!

In This Episode

  • Loren shares how she started the Sweet Loren’s cookie dough company. She talks about her struggles and how her terrible illness sparked the idea for her business.
  • We discuss Loren’s humble beginnings and what makes her cookies different.
  • Learn about healthy dessert options and why the market is demanding more.
  • I asked Loren how long it takes to start making money with homemade baked goods.
  • Loren shares a funny story about her first TV appearance and how it was almost a disaster!
  • Learn about building business relationships and how surrounding yourself with like-minded people can really make a difference.
  • We discuss how Loren scaled her business and what it takes to be successful in the food industry.
  • Loren shares some of her most important tips for business and life.
  • Learn about Loren’s personal experience with trusted advisers and how you can benefit from mentors.
  • Loren shares her latest healthy dessert option coming to a store near you! 

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Sweet Loren’s Loren Brill’s company website with her award winning bake and serve cookie dough, delicious healthy dessert options and recipes the whole family can enjoy.

Loren Brill

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A sincere Thank You goes out to Loren Brill for sharing her personal story on the show. I wish her continued health and success.

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