eWS 005 Military Man to Online Solopreneur with Matt Martinez

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Welcome to the first eWorkSuccess GrassRoots Episode!

The eWS grassroots episodes are about everyday people following their passion, taking action and building their niche business. You will hear first-hand why my guests decided to dive into a particular business niche and how they grow their business. We included a little patch of grass on the podcast artwork for each GrassRoots Episode so look for that on social media and the website. Let’s get started!

Are you ready to rock your success? Matt Martinez joins eWorkSuccess for a lively chat from the Land of 10,000 Lakes. He shares his grassroots journey from military life and corporate hustle to online course development!

Matt is a solopreneur that spends his time developing online courses for various niches. He’s served 12 years in the military and still serves as a reservist in the Air Force Reserves. Matt developed the very first Network Marketing MBA, a business course for the network marketing and direct selling industry. Matt and I dove right into our chat where he shows you how to turn your knowledge/passion into an online, profitable course that sells!

In This Episode

  • Learn about his break into online course development and why.

  • We talk about why and how just about anyone can create online courses, even if it’s just to start out as a side hustle.

  • Matt shares his knowledge about the various course tools, resources and platforms.

  • We discuss the importance of choosing the right business niche or industry for defining your specific course.

  • We go into discussion on what course avenue to choose: basic course vs. premium course.

  • Learn about the differences between using independent authoring tools for more advanced course development vs. a platform with integrated tools for easier development.

  • We talk about how to price a course and get an understanding of Matt’s 3-step plan on how he sets a price point for his courses.

  • We discuss why it’s important to follow your passion and “fish in the pond, instead of fishing in the ocean”

  • Matt dives into how he uses targeted Facebook advertising to attract course buyers and a sales funnel to use for successful course conversions.

  • Learn how to recognize opportunities for niche course development and tips for standing out in the crowd.

  • Matt shares some of the common pitfalls to course development, you will want to hear this!

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode

  • Matt is your man – Matt’s website and blog.
  • Adobe CaptivateCreate any kind of eLearning end-to-end. For any device.
  • Buck Books – Never pay more than a BUCK ($1.00) for a book again!
  • Camtasia Studio – Software tool for screen recording to finished video. Great for solopreneurs.
  • Course Cats – Responsive WordPress Theme for online course development by David Siteman Garland.
  • PowerPoint – The old faithful for creating online and offline slide presentations.
  • Teachable – Create and sell online courses.
  • Udemy – Create and sell online courses.
  • Zippy Courses – Derek Halpern’s platform for creating online courses.
  • 97 Solopreneur Resources You Wish You Knew About!Free ebook gift from Chris Tain for a limited time. You have the option of buying me a cup of coffee by purchasing my ebook or audio book on Amazon. I sincerely appreciate your support. Thank You!

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