eWS 003 Part Time Hustle to National Success with Nick Loper

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Welcome back to the eWorkSuccess podcast! Nick Loper joined me for a candid side hustle conversation.

Nick is the founder and host of the Side Hustle Nation show. He’s an author, entrepreneur, and life-long student in the game of business. Nick shares his part-time side hustle beginnings, why Google shut him down and how he finally managed to leave his day job. At the time of this recording Nick and his wife just brought their new baby home a couple weeks prior. He had every excuse to cancel our meeting so I give him major props. Congratulations!, I wish you all the best with your new family member.

In This Episode

  • Nick shares how he started his first part-time side hustle. He talks about a time when he really struggled and how he managed to get through a Google nightmare.
  • Learn about what it takes to start and maintain a side hustle while holding down a job.
  • Learn about diversifying your income so you are not dependent a single source.
  • Learn about Nick’s transition from side hustles to podcasting and national success.
  • We discuss risk vs. reward and what it means to be successful.
  • Nick shares some of his tools and tips for side hustlers. Learn about his favorite tool for boosting Pinterest followers.
  • Learn about my Twitter engagement test and what I discovered.
  • Learn how to get your audio book produced by a professional without spending a dime!

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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Side Hustle Nation – Build job free income.

Busy Budgeter – Rosemarie Groner’s financial budget blog.

Mint – Money manager, bill pay, credit score, budgeting and investing.

Personal Capital – Financial software and wealth management.

Pinterest – Discover and save creative ideas.

Fiverr – The online marketplace for creative services.

Board Booster – Take your Pinterest boards to new heights!

Twitter Engagement Test Stunned Me – Article with Twitter test results by Chris Tain.

Udemy – Online Courses Anytime, Anywhere.

Peter Herrick – Excellent book narrator listed on the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) website.

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