Develop Action Habits

Develop Action Habits!
Write down 3 tasks you want to accomplish each night for the next day. Prepare yourself to act on these tasks by deciding how and when you will complete each task the next day. Plan your daily activities around the tasks you want to complete. Use a journal to record your activity and reflect on small accomplishments each week. Do this consistently with a clear mindset and you will be on your way to developing action habits.

Keep the process simple and take deliberate action toward completing each task on your list. You will thank yourself for hitting your target and making true progress. My friend talked about having a garage sale for a few months to get rid of stuff he no longer uses. He finally gathered all his items and put them out for sale on a Saturday. I stopped by that day and he made over $300. He said, I’m much more excited about the reduced clutter and finally getting this place cleaned up! Take note of how you feel and use this “YES, I DID IT!” energy to reach your next goal.