This Success Habit Can Change Your Life!

You can learn to develop success habits through repetition and tracking your accomplishments.

We have all kinds of electronic devices to distract our attention these days. Try turning your devices off and actually writing down your top 3 goals in a journal each week. Make a list of short-term goals you want to achieve. This may involve a number of tasks as you work toward each goal. Focus on the end result by limiting your list to the top 3 goals you want to achieve. Make sure they are realistic short-term goals that can be completed within one week. This is a very important and simple process that can yield huge results through repetition. Keep a journal of your goals and think about them throughout each day. Each of your 3 goals should have a priority number from the highest to the lowest to help you focus.

Action Tip: Here is a simple strategy to help you work through your written list of goals and build confidence.
Track your progress by creating a check mark in two stages to show your goal status as “started” or “complete”.
First, put a ___ (blank line) with a \ (back slash mark) on the blank line so it looks like this:
\ 1. Highest priority goal.
The \ (back slash mark) shows that you have “started” working on your goal.
Next, draw a second line (forward slash mark) to complete the creation of a check mark on your list when you have “completed” your number 1. Highest priority goal. Yes, you just created a basic check mark on paper to show the completion of your goal. This simple tracking process may seem trivial but it works! Repeat the same process for goal 2 and 3.

This is easy and effective if you actually draw the second half of the check mark line on paper when you finish each goal. Neuroscience studies of brain activity have shown that writing things down increases neuroimaging and brain mapping which improves the pathways to learning new habits.


Keep it simple, track your daily progress and develop a sense of accomplishment as you complete each goal. I use this method each week and it really works if you stick to it. Be results oriented and think about your most important short-term goals throughout each day. After 1 month I went to a local coffee shop and started reading through my journal. Surprise, I did not accomplish every goal on my list. The good news is, I was AMAZED at what I did accomplish in just a few weeks! This simple tracking method was life changing and I highly recommend it if you like to see results on paper. Try it for at least 30-60 days!

Tip: Visualize how satisfied you will feel after checking off each goal. This  success habit can change your life by applying what you visualize to what you actually do.