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We all know Google favors websites with fresh content posted each week. Most businesses don’t have time to research, write, review, edit and post articles on their website and social media channels. Here are a few reasons to keep relevant web content flowing for your business.

65% of adult Internet users in the United States use social media.Pew Research

34% of small businesses have no social media presence at all. 36% of these small businesses never respond to customer comments online.DMA

25% of businesses lack a social media team that can dedicate time to strategic content.i-SCOOP

Top 5 Reasons To Improve Website Content

Problem: If you want more natural search engine traffic
Solution: Improve your sites content

Problem: If PPC ads are not converting well
Solution: Improve your sites content

Problem: If visitors are leaving when they land on sales pages
Solution: Improve your sites content

Problem: If Facebook visitors aren’t liking or engaging with your page
Solution: Improve your sites content

Problem: If your site has a high bounce rate
Solution: Improve your sites content

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FREE 300 Word Blog Article for first time customers!

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