Ok it’s a deal!

We all want to hear the words “Ok, it’s a deal”. Running a small business online, offline or somewhere in between – is hard.

This is literally going to be one of the hardest things you ever do. While you’re running your business and making decisions like a boss, you’re going to learn a lot about yourself. We all love a good overnight success story, it’s irresistible. It would be SO MUCH easier to just be the overnight success story than to actually deal with the reality of social media posting, lead generation, prospecting, meetings and closing sales.


Slow, steady and sustainable growth is perfectly fine. The sooner you realize that, the easier it becomes to get your business off the ground and maintain steady measured growth. Getting a grip on your “normal” makes planning your path to success WAY less stressful as you’re not killing yourself trying to be everything to everyone as it relates to your business.

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