Facebook Ads For Real Estate, A Solid Match

Are Facebook ads for real estate a solid match? Yes, and here’s why.

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Take a look at these three indicators:

1. Facebook is a visual platform. Real estate is visual business.

2. Facebook photos and videos stir up emotions. People get emotional when they buy or sell a home.

3. Facebook can be very personal. Real estate match making is mostly about personal preferences and finances.

Buzzsumo analyzed over one billion Facebook posts and discovered the three most engaging post types:  1. Questions, 2. Image Posts and 3. Videos.

engagement chart

Facebook ads for real estate become a solid match when you overlay the 3 indicators and Buzzsumo’s most engaging posts including questions, images and videos. Videos will likely move to the top position as Facebook continues to favor video content. This is a wake up call for Realtors, title company’s and mortgage lenders sitting on the Facebook sidelines. The time to start engaging prospects with paid real estate photo and video ads is now. 

Why are non-paid Facebook posts going down the tubes?

Here’s the simple answer, Facebook makes money from social ads. Yes, the news feed has changed along with the software code behind the scenes. Be honest, did your last non-paid photo or video post convert to solid leads? The good old days of posting non-paid content on your Facebook page and getting conversions are going away. In other words, the Facebook party is over and paid posts are the only way to reach your target audience effectively.

Good News

The good news is, Facebook is one of the best choices for low cost paid reach. A recent study by MOZ shows exactly why every business should be adding Facebook ads to their advertising mix. Here is a quick summary.

Cost To Reach 1000 People:

Newspaper  $32.00

Magazine  $20.00

Radio  $8.00

Cable TV  $7.00

Google AdWords  $2.75

LinkedIn Ads  $0.75

Facebook Ads  $0.25 

Source: MOZ

Boosted posts and paid ads are NOT the same

You may be thinking, I’ll just start boosting some of my posts and that will do the trick, right? Wrong, boosted posts do not include the necessary tools to enable granular reach compared to a full blown Facebook ad campaign. There is nothing wrong with getting more exposure from a boosted post on your business page. However, you will not be maximizing your ad spend and the return on investment will be much lower in most cases.

Want a Hyper Targeted Facebook Ad to start generating local leads? Here is a sample real estate question ad designed by eWorkSuccess.

eWorkSuccess real estate ad

Home buyer ad designed by eWorkSuccess

Tip: The yellow highlight around the Realtor photo was designed to capture attention. We are conditioned at an early age in school to pay attention to highlighted text and objects.

Tweak and go!

The Realtor name, phone number and details can all be changed on our ads. For example, we can insert a website landing page url instead of a phone number. This sample ad was designed with Facebook text limitations, size requirements and mobile format guidelines. The eWorkSuccess watermark is removed before the final ad release. Our fresh ads are ready to tweak and go!

Download this report in printable .pdf format. Download Your Free Report! 

Ready for some targeted lead generation?

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