Techies Need Motivation To Stay In The Game

This article is not about gaming and high scores, darn!

As a young adult I was a computer technician at a large corporation for a couple years. I was surprised to see how the tech support department was taken for granite with zero team building or motivation from the office manager. The high level executives looked at the tech support department as a necessary evil that was costing the company more money to keep up with technology. The environment consisted of putting out computer and network related fires, negative employees and low morale. I soon discovered staying motivated in a toxic environment was very difficult.

Techies need motivation to stay in the game and keep their productivity flowing.

If you are a techie solopreneur or entrepreneur, keeping yourself motivated can be much more difficult. Let’s look at some ways techies can stay motivated.

Learn to step away

I was on a mission to stay on the cutting edge of technology 24 x 7. I spent tons of time on technology innovation websites and received multiple tech news feeds throughout the day. I considered this to be a necessity for any technician trying to get ahead. Learn to step away from the constant information flow and have some fun. Explore your interests and get involved with people that are not technical at all. Take sailing lessons, go hiking, learn to cook or join a meetup group. Do something you enjoy that is low tech and involves some type of exercise. This is good for your health and well-being. You may notice a new level of motivation after unplugging and giving your brain something else to think about.

Meditate and connect with your inner self

Connecting with your inner self can be very good for the soul. Their are many ways to do this if you have an open mind to the possibilities. As the saying goes, find your inner peace. Meditation has several health benefits along with feeling refreshed and motivated to tackle each day. This has been proven to help people live a more happy and productive life. Dump the gadgets for a while and focus on you.

Don’t assume everyone is stupid

Just because your client doesn’t know anything about computers, software or whatever does not make them a stupid person. Learn how to relate with clients in a positive and respectful way. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable or inferior when something goes wrong. If you assume everyone is stupid they will notice your attitude and become negative toward you. This adds to your stress level and decreases your motivation to do a good job. Be the hero instead and put your courteous customer service hat on each time. Try to kill your clients with kindness as much as possible.

Tip: This is easier said then done with an extremely difficult client. Remember, you have the option to fire your client at the end of the day. Sometimes calling it quits with a bad client is the only thing left to do.

Calling all business owners

Remember to show some respect to your techies and treat them like gems. They are vital to all organizations large and small.

Here are some simple and cost effective ways to boost morale in the office.

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Themed office Parties