Proven Productivity Habit

Want to get more out of your day? A well known and proven productivity habit is focusing on your work for 50 minutes and then taking a 10 minute break. Let’s face it, if you are more productive throughout the day you will reach your goals faster and feel better.

I worked in an office years ago where constant focus on computer work was expected by the owners. If not, the owners assumed employees were slacking off, taking too many breaks or just lazy. Little did they know this mindset caused employees to become sluggish and less productive throughout the day. Just because your sitting in front of a computer does not mean you are productive. Focus on your work for 50 minutes and stop. Stand up, walk around, drink some water, clear your mind and get back to work after 10 minutes. This method works for many people to stay fresh and be more productive each day. Do this consistently and take note of how you feel and reflect on your accomplishments.

Action Tip: Use a timer app on your smart phone or computer to help you develop this habit. I have a playlist of favorite music set up on my phone to motivate my activities. I don’t just go for a walk, I put ear buds in and listen to rockin music that gets me pumped up to do more. Do what works for you and maximize your productivity throughout the day.

Still not sure? The Pomodoro Technique has helped people reduce stress and stay productive as well. See what works best for you.