Freedom Journal Event

Loads of Fun at the Freedom Journal Event

I had fun with John Lee Dumas, Kate Erickson and Chris Ducker on Blab during the Freedom Journal event. This was like a PBS special on social media steroids! Chris Ducker was hilarious with his goal of trying to balance the Freedom Journal on his head during the event. I think they had over 2,700 people join the event and the chat window was off the charts with activity. This was my first Blab event and I picked a winner! JLD and Kate liked my funny photo so I decided to post it.

The Freedom Journal is not just a fantastic tool for achieving your goals. I was blessed to be part of a much larger mission to help build schools for Pencils of Promise. This turned out to be the 6th largest Kickstarter campaign on the website to date. Nothing compares to helping others in need, John and Kate did a great job making this happen.

Thanks, now grab your Freedom Journal and get to work!

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