Top 5 Reasons Facing Your Fears Can Lead To Huge Success!

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your age is, you’ve got fears.

They could be hidden fears that you don’t talk about, or perhaps you’re vocal with your fears. Fears are a crazy thing, they can completely alter how you act and perceive things, which can end up affecting you in a negative way. One place this is true is in the business world. If you’ve been dreaming about starting your own business, then you are probably facing a handful of fears that may have you frozen and unable to act upon your dreams.

Let’s look at the top five reasons facing your fears can end up leading you to huge success.

Sitting back and just accepting your fears as reality will guarantee one thing, you won’t ever have the pleasure of seeing the good that can come out of facing them. It’s a matter of putting yourself in the mindset for success, which of course is easier said than done.

Where is the fear stemming from?

Before we talk about the benefits of facing your fears it’s important to understand where our fears stem from. This can actually be a very useful step for entrepreneurs because as they start to delve into these fears, the facts will take over and often end up squashing the fear right there.

Common fears for those starting a new business include:

  • Financial strain: Can you afford to start a business and keep it running?
  • Experience questions: Do you have the experience and know-how required to start your own business
  • Your client base: Do you have a client base, how hard/easy will it be to get customers
  • Fears about competition: How many competitors do you have and are they going to cause serious problems?
  • Can you follow through: Do have the energy and drive to keep up with the new business and make it succeed?
  • Staffing issues: Will you need to employ staff and if so can you afford it?

Keep in mind that fear usually comes from an irrational place, emotions, or false information. None of these factors are ideal to use in making a decision. Fear is very rarely built upon factual information, so therefore what is there actually to fear?

You can benefit from facing fears

So now that we’ve determined where the fear stems from and what some of the common fears are, it’s time to look at why it’s so important and beneficial to face them.

  1. You will never realize your dreams if you don’t face your fears. This  is the ultimate number one reason it’s worth facing your fears. How can your goal of owning and operating your own successful business ever come true if you don’t take the plunge and try? If you choose to let fear guide you, those dreams and goals are next to impossible to realize.
  2. You will build your confidence. What’s the very best way to build your confidence? It’s by succeeding. Each time you succeed in something your confidence grows, and you feel motivated to keep reaching for that next goal. By facing your fear and then realizing success you will feel the strength you need in order to face that next fearful situation. You will be able to look back on this experience as a positive one.
  3. You will learn how to dissect fears and get to the facts that much faster and smoother. Because fear is not often based on facts it’s important to learn how to wade through the untrue aspects and get to the real root of things. The more you do it, the better and faster you’ll get at it. You can learn to overcome fears.
  4. It will force you to dream bigger. Let’s just imagine you’ve had this big goal of starting your own business for years but have been too scared. Now you finally do it, and you’ve succeeded. What this teaches you is that you can dream bigger next time because you know you can achieve it. You must be willing to toss out negative self talk and trust in your ability to succeed.
  5. Fear slows you down and makes you think things through. Fear can actually be a very helpful thing in some aspects. If you’re feeling scared you’re likely not going to act as quickly as you may otherwise do. You will think through your actions, lay out a plan, and address all your worries. There’s a good chance that by doing that you’re setting yourself up for success.

Live in the Mindset for Success

Living in the mindset for success is a powerful and rewarding thing to do. By having this mind-frame you will be able to stand up to those various fears, face them head on, and not only succeed in battling them but learn from them as well.