WANTED Cubicle Escape Artist

WANTED Cubicle Escape Artist, YES YOU!

So you’re stuck in your cubicle for yet another shift at the office. It’s like your own personal dungeon with four bleak walls and no sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. Well it’s time to take action and snap out of it because this doesn’t have to be your reality in life. Instead you can follow your dreams and start to create the ultimate business vision and get out there as an entrepreneur. It’s time to forget about the past and take control of your future. As the saying goes – vision without action is just a daydream. So are you a daydreamer or are you ready to take action?

The Walls are Closing In

Each day you head off to work, you arrive and head straight to your cubicle to start yet another day in the office. If you’re starting to feel like the walls are closing in, and that cubicle life isn’t for you, it may be time to start thinking about the alternatives. When it comes to a rewarding work life it’s hard to beat the feeling you can get from starting and running your own successful business. Millions of workers are looking to essentially kiss the cubicle or office life goodbye forever.

Gallup poll: 71 Percent of U.S. Workers Are Disengaged

Granted not everyone is entrepreneurial material but it seems there are a large amount of want-trepreneurs out there that are just holding back for one reason or another. Maybe it’s time to stop holding on to those fears and issues that are holding you back, and instead become a cubical escape artist.

Get in the Right Frame of Mind

Instead of worrying about how you’re going to survive another day in your cubicle it’s time to get into a whole other frame of mind. It’s more than just your physical energy you need to put into your new start-up business you’ll also be putting your emotions into it. With that said, ruling with emotions and making decisions based purely on emotions is never a wise idea in the business world, so keep your emotions in check. Sometimes it’s hard for people to grasp the concept that all responsibility is now on them. If you’re the entrepreneur you’re the one coming up with the ideas, calling the shots, figuring out the finances, finding the clients, and making the business succeed. While that may seem scary at first the fact is that for many people it ends up being quite rewarding.

Formulating your Business Vision

First things first, you need to formulate your business vision. That means coming up with an idea and then starting to do your research. Look into competitors in the same field, is the market saturated or is this an idea you’ll be offering on your own? How do the competitors go about getting clients/customers? Do they seem successful in their business venture, if so why, and if they aren’t why not? This is a great opportunity to learn from others so that you don’t make the same kind of mistakes.

Next it’s time to lay out your mission plan, the whole goal of your business. Once you have laid out the goal you can work backwards and create the steps needed in order to reach that goal. Asking for help during this step is crucial, as it will ensure that no steps are missed or performed in the wrong way. I recommend seeking an experienced business coach or mentor to review your ideas and help you get started.

Action Tip: Looking for help with your online business ideas? Check out this super helpful book.

This also means speaking to your financial adviser about capital requirements. Do you have the necessary funds to start and grow the business of your dreams? Check out what kind of small business loans are available, and look into any government programs you may be able to take advantage of. You may also want investors, which means it’s time to go to them with all your plans. Be sure you’re well prepared to answer their questions though, good chance they won’t just be willing to sign away their money with no questions asked. Most American wantrepreneurs have seen the TV show Shark Tank. This is an informative show to watch if you are considering a new product pitch to a venture capital firm.

Develop a Business Plan

There is a plethora of books and information about formulating a business plan. Here are some basic questions to consider:

– It is suggested your plan looks as far as three to five years into the future. Once you meet that point, you can draw up another business plan.

– Are you planning to have an online or brick and mortar business?

– How many locations do you want to have by the end point of your plan?

– How many employees do you plan to have along the way?

– What are your projected profits? (show the increase over time)

– What is your projected client base? (show the increase over time)

– What is your marketing plan?

– Provide analysis of: the customer base, competitors, the industry as a whole, and a company analysis

Action Tip: Not sure where to start? Startup University is an extension of Startup Savant that offers a virtual classroom. You can learn the essential business skills that would normally take thousands of hours sifting through business books.

Obviously writing a business vision or plan isn’t something you just do in a day, it takes time, research, and patience. Do the necessary homework, find a mentor and reach for the stars, it’s your key to escaping that cubicle!

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