Want More Bang For Your Facebook Ad Buck?

Want more bang for your Facebook ad buck? I can just boost a post, right?

The bad news is, Facebook boosted posts limit your options. It’s like showing up for the race with a flat tire. If you are serious about growing your business we invite you to take a look at what you Do Not get with a boosted post. 

What you Do Not get with a Boosted Post:

Off-line ROI Tracking

Many business owners are under the false assumption that off-line events, foot traffic and sales can’t be traced back to a fully managed Facebook ad campaign. Let’s consider a simple coupon offer for $50 off professional teeth whitening. You can put the $50 Off coupon savings in your ad text and link your Facebook Call-To-Action button to the actual coupon on your website. Customers can show you the $50 Off coupon on their phone or just mention the coupon when they visit your office. Now you have an easy way to see ROI directly from your Facebook ads.

Optimized Formats

Facebook provides specific ad formats optimized to meet your particular goal, such as Page Likes, Website Clicks, Website Conversions, Video Views, and more. Some formats include the ability to embed, download and create contact forms directly within your ad. eWorkSuccess uses additional agency tools to increase the effectiveness of our ads.

Targeted Placement

Ads can be targeted to appear within a viewers news feed, in the sidebar, only on desktop devices or on mobile devices, in the Facebook audience network, or Instagram. eWorkSuccess has tools that enable our team to preview your ad in each location and tweak the ad for optimal performance.


Unlike a boosted post, a Facebook Ad can include Call-To-Action buttons that prompt viewers to Learn More, Contact, Apply, Download, and many other options. Clear Calls-To-Action can significantly increase your responses. 

Block Competitors

Keep the competition (lookie lookers) from doing the drive by to see what you are offering. This will also keep your ad cost down by reducing click charges. eWorkSuccess has learned many tricks of the trade and we use these skills to save money and maximize ad performance.

Mobile Ads

We are often asked by customers where to start with Facebook ads. The simple answer is mobile. Unfortunately, boosted posts are not optimized for mobile. Your customers are on Facebook mobile about 40 minutes each day. Don’t miss out on getting those eyeballs on your business with optimized ads for mobile! 

Analytic Reports

What is the point of advertising if you can’t monitor the performance of your ads? eWorkSuccess provides detailed reporting about your ad’s performance, enabling you to fine-tune content and placement. We work with clients as a team to get more bang for your Facebook ad buck.

Scheduled Ads

You can schedule ads to appear on specific days of the week, time of the day, or both. These options are not available with a boosted post.

grow local business

Now it’s your turn, fix your flat tire and start getting more bang for your Facebook ad buck!  If your business isn’t utilizing Facebook marketing, you could be missing out on huge opportunities to build brand awareness and customer engagement in your community. It’s up to you, toss money at boosted posts or maximize your ad dollar with highly targeted Facebook ads that are set up, tweaked and monitored by professionals with the right tools.

Want help? Our team has learned several ways to optimize ads for better performance. We use proprietary methods and tools that enable us to deliver results for our clients. If you don’t have a marketing strategy in place you may be tossing money away on boosted posts.

Ask yourself these questions before you spend money on a boosted post:

  1. Does your ad have a purpose?
  2. Is your ad designed to connect with your target audience?
  3. Do you have a clear customer Call-To-Action?
  4. Does the ad link to a website landing page with a customer offer?
  5. Is the ad designed to generate sales or customer leads?
  6. Do you have a campaign plan with know, like and trust goals?

If you answered NO to any of these questions then you may want to reconsider why you are boosting posts. Facebook boosted posts can increase engagement, but if your spending money,  you’ll want to go beyond just “likes”.