Killing It With The Best Messenger Ads!

Realtors, restaurant owners and specialists can take advantage of new Facebook tools and get the edge on local competitors.

A strategic Facebook Messenger campaign can generate more customer leads and deliver them right to your smartphone. This is a great campaign to start with and everything happens inside Facebook. It’s also perfect if you’re on the go and can’t always check your email.

Are you missing the messenger boat?

76% of home sellers sign up with the first Realtor they connect with.

missing the boat

Facebook Messenger has more than one billion users, which is why this ad platform is huge for marketers in the the real estate, professional services and restaurant industry. You will need to offer value to your customers or a special offer to get their attention. Realtors can offer home value assessments, restaurant owners can offer discount coupons and specialists may have a limited time service offer. The good news is you can connect directly with your customers without shuffling through emails or multiple phone calls, now that’s something to chat message about 🙂

Do messenger ads work?

Let’s take a look at this from a Realtor perspective. Here’s a Home Seller messenger ad we built for a real estate broker.

best messenger ad

This sample shows a tweaked ad that hit pay dirt on the 9th day. Now spending $90 to get a home seller prospect is cheap especially when the home value is over $200,000…boom! The results will vary in each market depending on the ad content, target audience, demographics, messenger introduction and follow up. We didn’t show the messenger text and follow up chat sequence for the sample ad. This is reserved for our clients and we keep the details of all ads confidential. We wanted to show our readers how customers can quickly connect with your business – only two steps! Auto-reply bots can be set up to prompt customers to answer a question and more.

eWorkSuccess uses additional software tools to enhance campaigns, target data lists and reach more prospects.

best messenger ad chat

The key for any business is making sure that you respond to Facebook customers during business hours within 30-45 minutes. After you connect with a home seller or buyer your chat messages stay on Facebook inside the message feed for reference. This makes it easy to go back to a chat session and pick up right where you left off, nice!

Now it’s your turn to start growing your business with the best messenger ads! Most Realtors already know that 76% of home sellers sign up with the first Realtor they connect with. Want to take advantage of new tools to grow your business?

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